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SMART Pre Listing InspectionACE offers a Pre-Market Inspection Package that helps owners prepare their home for sale and market it to prospective buyers. In addition to a complete inspection, the program includes numerous benefits intended to build buyer confidence and help the home sell faster, including a 120 Day Home Warranty. Please call our office for more details about this exclusive package! No extra charge!
90 Day Home WarrantyA 90 day structural, mechanical and roof warranty is included with every complete home inspection. This warranty is provided at no charge and provides additional protection to the buyer if leaks or equipment failures occur after the inspection is performed. No extra charge.
Recall CheckIncluded with every complete inspection! Our experience shows that about 1 in 10 homes has an appliance with an outstanding recall that has never been repaired. These recalls are typically associated with potential fire,safety and electrocution hazards that affect safe perfomance of the equipment. Since most owners do not register their appliances with the manufacturer at time of purchase, the manufacturer cannot contact them to address the condition. Your ACE inspector will gather model numbers from the major appliances in the house and submit them for a search of Consumer Product Safety Commission recalls. You will receive a report that includes a description of recalls and instructions for having them addressed, typically at no charge to the consumer. Every month, your data will be resubmitted and you will receive an email notifying you of new recalls. Retail price $79; FREE with ACE Complete Inspections
Irrigation System InspectionIrrigation Systems are included with our complete home inspection sevice. ACE perfroms an operational check of controller, evaluation of water distribution device function, identification of water source, and locations of key system components. Observations are summarized in a written supplement to the home inspection report. Please select this service if the house is equipped with an irrigation system so we may allow for the extra time necessary to examine it. $145 Value
Premium Buster InspectionOur Premium Buster Inspection bundles over $474 worth of services to provide information homeowners need to qualify for insurance discounts offered by many carriers. Owners also learn about home improvements that can earn future insurance discounts and other ways to reduce home ownership costs. The service comes with an exclusive money back guarantee presented in the Service Agreement. starting at $199
Repair InspectionVisual examination of repairs or other corrective actions performed as a result of recommendations from a complete home inspection. Please provide a list of requested repairs in advance of the appointed time so we may use it as a checklist while at the site. The minimum fee for a repair inspection is $150. The repair inspection also renews the complimentary home warranty ACE provides with each inspection. $150 & up
Pool InspectionVisual inspection of pool and associated components performed by a sub contractor. $325
Hot Tub InspectionVisual inspection of hot tub performed by a sub contractor. $85
Emergency Generator InspectionMany homes are equipped with standby emergency generators. ACE will make arrangements for an independent technician to visit the site during the inspection and examine the emergency generator and test it if feasible. A report that details the findings of the technician will be delivered separately. $350.00
Builder Warranty InspectionBuilders typically provide a 1 year warranty on the homes they build. Our Builder's Warranty Inspection allows you to identify defects and have the builder fix them before the warranty expires. The documentation we provide preserves your rights to a warranty claim if the builder does not promptly or properly address the problems. This service is basically a complete inspection supported by a report that differs slightly from the one provided with a typical pre sale inspection. Please select this service when scheduling your appointment for a Builder's Warranty Inspection. no additional charge
Dock InspectionExamination of visible portions of dock structure, railings, walkways and platforms. Includes operation of electrical devices, plumbing fixtures, and boat lift, when present. $75
Septic Tank InspectionInspection of septic tank and drain field provided by a sub contractor. Scope includes removal of tank access cover, tank pump down, visual inspection of tank interior and drain connections. $575.00
Report On SiteOur standard practice is to take notes and photos in the field, discuss findings with those that attend the inspection, and deliver our report via email no later than 0800 the next day. If you must have the report sooner, all inspectors are equipped to generate the report on site. Please select this option only if you need the report at the time of inspection and plan on about 1 to 1 1/2 hours of additional time on site to complete the report. no charge
HUD / FHA Manufactured Home Foundation CertificationTo obtain HUD or FHA financing on a manufactured home, an engineer's review is required to certify that the installation is permanent per HUD & FHA guidelines. A technician will visit the site to gather information and a written opinion will be delivered via email by 0800 the next day. The fee will be adjusted if the inspection requires travel beyond our normal service area. $450 & up
HUD 203(k) ProgramThe HUD 203(k) program is an FHA backed lending process that allows an owner occupant to borrow funds for purchase and renovation of a home. The process begins with a feasibility inspection. ACE will examine the prospective home, then discuss mandatory repairs, desired upgrades, and their estimated costs. A feasibility inspection report will be delivered via email no later than 0800 the next day. Please select this service if you are interested in obtaining 203(k) financing and our staff will contact you with further information.
4 Point Insurance Inspection WITH complete home inspectionInsurance companies are beginning to require inspections of the roof, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling systems before they will issue coverage. ACE is the place for your 4 Point Insurance Inspection. While we are at the site for a complete inspection, we will take notes and discuss our findings with persons in attendance. A separate 4 Point Insurance Inspection report will be delivered with the home inspection report via email. ACE representatives are available to answer any insurance agent or buyer questions that arise after the report is issued. $49
Escrow BillingAdministrative charge for service billed to closing. Please provide contact information for closing attorney and anticipated date of closing. Mastercard or Visa information is required to secure payment in the event that closing does not occur. The credit card will be billed automatically if closing has not occurred or payment has not been received within 60 days of inspection unless you notify our office in advance. $25
Wind Certification for Insurance without inspectionVisual examination of a home's wind resistant construction features. Service includes completion of insurance forms necessary to apply for insurance premium discounts. $150
CSI - Crawl Space InspectionNobody likes to crawl under their house, but that's where the issues are! An ACE professional will examine the crawl space and provide a written report with pictures that describes concerns and recommended actions. This service is useful to proactive homeowners who want to protect their home, sellers who want to avoid last minute surprises, and buyers who do not want to invest in a complete home inspecttion. starting at $175
Radon test WITH home inspectionThe EPA recommends radon testing of all homes. ACE representatives will set up equipment and initiate a short term test during the home inspection. We will return 48 - 72 hours later to collect test equipment. Reports will be delivered via email within 24 hours of retrieving equipment. $225
Infrared ServicesBuilding analysis with an infrared camera provides additional information that cannot be determined with a visual inspection by itself. In the hands of a qualified thermographer, infrared images can identify water intrusion (especially stucco!), insulation effectiveness, and a variety of other concerns. Services available include a Comprehensive Scan of the whole building, System Scans, Exterior Wall Scans, Roof / Ceiling Scans, or analysis of specific problems or concerns. All infrared services are documented by a certified thermographer in a written report that includes infrared images. Please select this service when booking your appointment so our staff can follow up with you and ensure your needs are met. $300 & up depending on scope
Performance Test with home inspectionBlower door test during home inspection. Provides a basis to evaluate effectiveness of air seal and energy efficiency improvements. Results are especially useful to owners of new homes who want to verify that the house is meets the performance standard advertised by the builder. $124
Performance Test without Home InspectionBlower door test. Does not include an energy audit or other evaluation services. Provides a basis to evaluate effectiveness of air seal and energy efficiency improvements. Results are especially useful to owners of new homes who want to verify that the house meets the performance standard advertised by the builder. $249.00
Environmental ServicesACE offers a variety of environmental services intended to provide as much information as you want to know about your home. The Neighborhood Environmental Report identifies potential environmental risks such as leaking underground storage tanks, landfills, hazardous waste sites, and illegal drug labs in the vicinity of your home. Lead, asbestos, water and meth testing are also available. Please select this service when booking your appointment so our staff can follow up with you and ensure your needs are met. $295 & up depending on scope
Additional CapabilitiesACE is a full service inspection firm. The abbreviated menu above does not list our full capabilities. Please select this service if you need further information regarding our capabilities that include Infrared Exams, Engineering or HUD 203(k) Consulting, Environmental Testing including Radon, Lead and Mold, Wind Mitigation Exams, Roof Certifications, and much more!
Elevator InspectionOperational check of elevator and system safety features performed by an elevator specialist. $350
AH4Rent CHI & CL100THIS SERVICE IS NOT VISIBLE TO THE PUBLIC. Covered under a blanket service agreement on file, fee billed to close. $350


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