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Standard Inspection Service--Single Family Home ONLYThe STANDARD Inspection Service is the most popular inspection. The STANDARD inspection is the “above and beyond” inspection that includes videos and digital photos in a computer generated report. The inspection includes the following systems: structural, mechanical, heating and cooling, plumbing. This service also includes (1) Recall Check Appliance Report (2)Free 90-day warranty ($100 value) (3) Free 200-percent satisfaction Guarantee (4) Free one year membership in the Homeowner Network ($199 value)(5) Free Security System Evaluation ($100 value,if equipped)
Standard Home Inspection--Condo/Townhome ONLYThis is the standard inspection service for Condo or Town Home units. Must use this service for the fee to auto calculate when condo or Town Home box is checked.
Standard Home Inspection - Multi FamilyThis is the standard inspection service for Duplex, Tri Plex or Four Plex Units. Must use this service for the fee to auto calculate when Duplex, Tri Plex or Four Plex Unit box is checked.
Premium Inspection ServiceThe PREMIUM inspection service is the second most popular inspection. It includes all services from the STANDARD inspection and a free re-inspection of the seller’s repairs to make sure they were done and/or done properly, attendance with you at your final walk-through, and a 30-day personal follow-up. This inspection is best for Clients who might be unable to attend the home inspection itself or the final walk-through, Clients who might be involved in a rent-back situation with the seller or the seller’s tenants, or Clients who will have tenants in the property.
Radon Testing w/InspectionJB Anderson uses the Radalink Air Cat continious radon monitorr. This is the most accurate and sophiscitated radon test in the industry. Radon tesst Result avaiable immediately via email in 48-hours after placement.
Radon WaiverPlease check here if NOT performing Radon Measurement Test.
Premier Home Inspection. Condo/Townhome 
Methampatamine Testing (meth) w-inspSurface wipe testing with lab report up to ten locations to verify the presence of meth. Useful if there is concern of clandestine meth use previously at the property. One week turnaround time for lab report. $150
Pool Inspection-With insp Add this service to any inspection to save. Normally $199 as a stand alone inspection.
Lawn Sprinkler-With InspAdd this service to any inspection to save. Normally $99 as a stand alone inspection.
Additional Detached Building - with insp 
Blower Door Energy Evaluation - With Inspection The blower door is a diagnostic tool used to learn how much air leakage occurs in a home. Homes with higher amounts of air leakage are less energy efficient than homes that are built "tighter" and have less air leakage. Use of a blower door to depressureize the home will tell us how "air tight" the home really is
Water Analysis Bacteria, Chemical, and LeadAdd this service to an inspection to test for water testing: Nitrates (Chemical), Bacteria. Add $125 for FHA finaning lab report criteria (Add lead).
Thermal Imaging Inspection w/o Home InspectionIncludes one hour on-site and report. $179 per hour thereafter. $600 half day(4 hrs)$1,200 full day (8 hrs)
Moisture Intrusion and Fungal Survey w/o Home InspectionThis service involves using a thermal imaging camera, moisture meter, and an air pump. We scan the areas of the home looking for moisture and if elevated moisture is found or other indicators of a moisture problem then an air test will be recommended. Included in the price are two air tests (one indoor and one exterior).
Non-Viable Air Quality SamplingSample colletion and laboratory analysis report. Supplemental reports subject to additional fee of $50
Environmental Relative Moldiness Index (ERMI) eval The ERMI test is an alternative to non-viable sampling. Useful test during freezing temperatures and more accurate than non-viable testing.
PCR testing (Dust Mites)-With InspDust mites are present in many indoor environments. Many people have allergies to dust mites. Our unique PCR testing is an effective method to evaluate the presence of dust mites and their fecal matter in indoor environments.
Allergen Testing-With InspOur unique PCR testing can also be used to evaluate the presence of Dog and/or Cat Allergens. Very effective to screen the presence of pet dander in carpeting.
Moisture Intrusion Survey-with Insp Add this service on any inspection service to save $
Energy AuditThe whole house energy audit includes a blower door test to measure the air leakage from the building, the FLIR infrared camera is used to identify exactly where air leakage is occuring. Appliances are evaluated to identify areas of energy efficiency improvement. The building walls and shell are evaluated to identify areas of energy improvement.


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