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Residential InspectionResidential home inspection (including house, condo, townhome, zero-lot line townhome, manufactured home, and floating home inspections) Based on Square Feet
Pre-Sale InspectionInspection Services Northwest recommends conducting an inspection prior to listing your home to prevent surprises during the critical time when your home is under contract. Knowing the facts about the condition of your house and components can help you market its strengths and give you time to correct any weaknesses. Our pre-sale inspection service gives you the complete home buyer’s report. Based on Square Feet
Re-inspectionIf, following the home inspection, the seller repairs an item (or items) found in the home inspection, Inspection Services Northwest can perform a re-inspection. Some repairs may not be as straightforward as they might seem. The inspector can help you evaluate the repair(s). 275.00
IAQ Indoor Air Quality Inspection/VOC Air Testing (Add On)With homes sealed to conserve heat and energy, the infiltration of outside air is limited, which can contribute to the buildup of air contaminants. Indoor air quality (IAQ)refers to the quality of the air in an indoor environment. “Volatile organic compound” or VOC is the name given to a substance that contains carbon and that evaporates (becomes a vapor) or “off-gases” at room temperature. VOCs are widely used in household and commercial products. Methods used in an indoor air quality investigation include identifying pollutant sources, evaluating heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system performance, and measuring contamination levels. 350.00
Lead Testing (Add On)There are numerous reasons why you might want to test your home for lead, especially if built before 1978. For example, lead from paint, especially peeling or flaking paint, can get into dust and soil in and around a home. High levels of lead in children age six and younger have been linked to nervous system damage, behavior and learning problems, and slow growth. Testing can tell you whether there is lead-based paint or a leadbased paint hazard in your home. 100.00
Roof Certification Inspection (Add On or Stand Alone)This inspection is typically needed when a lender makes a special request for a Roof Certification. 500.00
Builder's Warranty Expiration InspectionAs the first-year anniversary of your new home approaches, your new home warranty will soon expire. If you do not address problems with your home within one year of your closing date, your builder will no longer be responsible for problems. We perform a comprehensive warranty inspection during your 10th or 11th month of ownership. Based on Square Feet
Multi-Family Building InspectionYes! We do multi-family inspections. Please call for more information. (206) 241-8087 Call for Quote!
Commercial Building InspectionYes! We do commercial inspections. Please call for more information. (206) 241-8087 Call for Quote!
Industrial Building InspectionYes! We do industrial inspections. Please call for more information. (206) 241-8087 Call for Quote!
Limited Inspection  0
Air QualityThis is a two part process and will take approximately 4 hours to complete. This can be done at the same time as the inspection or as a stand alone service. 500.00


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