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Additional Services

SelectService NameService DescriptionFee
Condo InspectionThis inspection of a condo apartment or townhouse where the outside components of the structure are not the responsibility of the owner and therefore not part of the inspection.
Partial Inspection or Re-InspectInspection on only part of the house or returning to inspect corrected items. Price will be determined on location of the home and the time it takes to do the inspection. TBD
Additional Building(s) w/homeInspection of an additional building(s) on the property of the main residence where a home inspection is being conducted. Price will be determined based on scope of inspected needed and number of additional buildings being inspected. TBD
Radon TestingThe radon testing is done with a continuous radon monitor, AirCat. This should be arranged at the same time of the inspection. Typically the monitor is set up at the end of the inspection. A radon test takes a minimum of three days if done at time of inspection.
Radon Test w/o InspectionThe radon testing is done with a continuous radon monitor, AirCat. A radon test takes a minimum of two days. $175.00
Additional KitchenAdditional charge for extra kitchen in the home. $25.00


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