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Additional Services

SelectService NameService DescriptionFee
Radon Without Home Inspection: $195$195: Without a home inspection. Comes with a $1200 GUARANTY, ask us... $195
Radon With Home Inspection: $175Comes with a $1200 GUARANTY, ask us... $175.00
Environmental Report AVAILABLE: $125HIGHLY RECOMMENDED... This can affect your health and resale value. Regarding: LEAKING UNDER/ABOVE-GROUND STORAGE TANKS, LANDFILLS, STATE HAZARDOUS WASTE SITES, FEDERAL PRIORITY and PROPOSED "SUPERFUND" SITES, (Most Serious), EMERGENCY RESPONSE NOTIFICATION SITES, CLANDESTINE DRUG LAB SITES, METH LABS, CENTER for DISEASE CONTROL ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH ASSESSMENTS, ACTIVE AND FORMER DEPARTMENT of DEFENSE SITES, RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL ACTIVITY SITES. Reports show if any of these records of contamination are within a 300 foot radius of a target property, as well as what is beyond 300 feet, up to accepted EPA search distances. $125.00
Sprinkler Inspection: AVAILABLE $40$40.00: Per Control Box $40
Wells/Pumps/Septics: AVAILABLE $75 Minimum  $75.00 Minimum, ask us...
Outbuildings: $75 Minimum$75.00 per outbuilding (Fee may vary depending on size) $75.00
1 Hour (Money Saver), Walk Around Inspection - $175$175.00 up to 2000 SF: Includes a 1 hour walk around with buyer, buyer writes down information pointed out by inspector. No written report is issued. No electrical panels, furnace panels removed, roof, attic, crawlspace not entered. CLIENT MUST ATTEND $175.00
Pool/Spa Inspection AVAILABLE: $125/$75$125/Pool, $75/Spa, $150/Both, (Fee may vary with size) $125/Pool $75/Spa
Termite Inspection AVAILABLE: $75.00 w/Home Inspection$75 Termite Inspection w/Home Inspection, if needed, Idaho only. $75.00
Termite Inspection AVAILABLE: $150 w/o Home Inspection$150 Termite Inspection w/out Home inspection, if needed $150.00
Mold Inspection: $225 Minimum$225 Minimum, includes 3 air samples, minimum number per EPA $225.00 Minimum
Mold Inspection w/o Home Inspection: $300$300 Minimum w/o Home Inspection, includes 3 air samples, minimum per EPA Requirements. $300 Minimum
30 - 30 Buyer Protection Plan$30/30 Days, FREE Inspection on your next home if this home does not close escrow*for any reason, (Residential only). Peace of Mind, We created this plan to protect you against additional expenses and give you peace of mind. Reduce Stress: If home does not appraise, loan falls short, deficiencies discovered, if for any reason you do not buy this house... Good for 30 days from initial inspection, just call inspector directly to set up a new appointment, FREE up to the 1st inspection fee paid or $300 Maximum.... $30.00
FREE 90 Day Home Warranty W/HI: $59 ValueFREE 90 Day Home Warranty, $59 Value, Good for 90 days from inspection date or 22 days after escrow, which ever is longer. $0/Deductible with a $500 limit. Must be validated by buyer within 15 days of inspection. FREE with Home Inspection
Recall Check w/H.I., FREE, $39 ValueFREE Lifetime Appliance recall check, 1 in 10 homes have a recalled appliance, replace, repair your appliance for free. $39 Value... Every 30 days you will be notified if your appliances are still safe and if not where to get them repaired/replaced for free. Also when you buy new appliances you can add them for FREE and all your electronic toys, computers, TVs, HiFi equipment, Game Boxes, tools, etc... Good for insurance claims/DISCOUNTS.... FREE with Home Inspection
RecallChek w/o Home Inspection: $39See above for description $39.00
Burglar Alarm Inspection AVAILABLE w/H.I., $39 Value, (FREE)Burglar Alarm Inspection AVAILABLE w/H.I., Call us... FREE with Home Inspection
Burglar Alarm Inspection AVAILABLE: w/o Home Inspection: $39.00Great for Home Owners Insurance DISCOUNTS $39.00
Re-Winterize Property with Home InspectionNot available yet, ask. $25.00 w/home inspection


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