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Premier Home Inspection PackagePackage includes; a Home Inspection up to 3000 square feet*,Radon testing, Termite inspection, IAQ indoor air quality testing-includes up to 2 tests. Premier Package cost $898 ($100 savings) *additional charge if a crawl space and or the home is over 20 years old $998
IAQ Home Air Check with Home InspectionWhether you are looking to buy a home, sell one, or are just interested in good home maintenance, you want to make sure the air in the home is safe to breathe. This is a low cost test designed to measure chemicals in the air and find hidden mold. If done at the same time as a Home Inspection, the fee is $179 for each test (two tests recommended if larger than 2000 sq feet). The test takes 2 1/2 to 3 hours. $179
IAQ Home Air Chek without Home InspectionSame description as noted above. Fee for each test is $279 (two tests recommended if greater than 2000 square feet). $279
Radon testing with Home InspectionWe can determine the radon gas level in your home after the detection devise has been left there for a minimum of 48 hours. Our inspectors are Certified Radon Measurement Specialists by the NRSB (National Radon Safety Board) $150.00
Pre Mold Sampling SurveyA Certified Mold Inspector will do a non-intrusive examination of the property to identify red flags that may indicate the presence of elevated mold spores. Testing may be recommended; it could include swab and air samples. $250 service charge + $200/hr after the first hour
Potable water testingBacteria $50; Bacteria and Chemical (VA) $150; Bacteria, Chemical and Lead (FHA) $200 Varies depending upon type of tests
Sewage Treatment System Dye TestA dye test is a low cost, non-invasive method for testing of private sewage treatment systems. It is a limited, performance based test. It is also ideally suited for evaluation of septic systems for real estate sales purposes. $50
Lead Paint Swab TestLeadCheck Swabs is a screening test for lead and should not be considered quantitative. Test results in less than one minute. EPA recognized. $9.95 ea
Pre Dry Wall InspectionsFor new construction sites the price is the same as Single Family Detached & Townhouses. If we perform both the Pre Dry Wall and Final Inspections, we will apply a 10@ discount to the final inspection fee.
RecallChekWe will copy the model numbers of your built-in home appliances and HVAC system. At RecallChek Headquarters, your model numbers are computer matched against MILLIONS of recalls using their Model Number Algorithm. RecallChek issues a report within 48 hours. In the event of a potential recall, you will be informed: 1)the nature of the recall,2)where the product was sold, 3)how to remedy the defect,and 4)how to get the item repaired or replaced in most cases-FREE. $39.95
Radon TestingWhen Radon testing is needed but not with a Home Inspection 180


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